How We Choose Music

Every year in December, PJ Library sends a music album to each of the families enrolled in the PJ program. The music is selected by a dynamic committee of professionals and parents.

Music Selection Guidelines

As the Music Selection Committee reviews Jewish children's music for PJ Library, it asks:

  • Is this music suited for children between the ages of six months and eight years?
  • Are the music and lyrics engaging for young children (and their parents)?
  • Is the music fun?
  • Is the music appropriate for families of varying levels of Jewish engagement or observance (or differing Jewish beliefs)?
  • Does the music and its lyrics reflect the contemporary Jewish experience of diverse families?
  • Will this music deepen understanding about Jewish life?
  • Is the audio CD a high-quality production?

In order to best appeal to our audience, the PJ Library program does not send out music that:

  • Is entirely Hebrew.
  • Is primarily prayer.
  • Is aimed at an audience older than 8 years of age.
  • Is part of a "package," requiring or including supplemental materials (i.e., multiple CDs, accompanying books, curricula, etc.).