Frequently Asked Questions

What will the program cost me?

Nothing. PJ Library is a gift to all families raising Jewish children.

How many books will my child receive?

Each month a book or another PJ Library resource will be sent directly to your family’s home. Your family will receive 10 resources per calendar year.  You will not receive any books or resources in the months of December and January. 

How do I return the books?

You don’t. The books are yours to keep. Enjoy them and have fun creating a Jewish library for your family. If you wish to pass on the books you have received, please contact our office and we will arrange a drop off for you.

What are the age levels for PJ Library books?

PJ Library provides age appropriate books for children from birth through 9 years old.

My child has special needs and reads books from a younger age category. May I sign them up for a younger age?

Contact us directly to discuss this at

I have twins in my family - will they share a book?

Yes. Each month an envelope addressed to both children will contain one book that is appropriate for their age.

How is PJ Library paid for?

PJ Library is funded through the generosity of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation in partnership with Shalom and the JCA in NSW and ACT and across Australia with the Besen Family Foundation. In New Zealand, PJ Library is made possible through the generous support of Shalom in Australia and an anonymous donor.

Please visit our donors page if you would like to support PJ Library in Australia.